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Combat swimmers and combat divers around the world have found productivity does not have to come at such a high cardiovascular price as other fins demand. Applying common sense, careful engineering and high-quality materials, requirements for mission success are exceeded. Force Fins are far more comfortable. Energy is delivered from the fin to extend time in the water without fatigue. Combat swimmers wearing Force Fins experience dramatic extension of in-water operation time with a shorter recovery interval required between immersions. More energy is reserved for operations. What makes Force Fins better than other fins?

  • Toes-free foot pocket reduces cramping and leverages power from strongest kicking muscles.
  • Open toe pocket unique to Force Fin forces the entire leg to do the kicking work.
  • Foot points and flexes with each kick, a mechanic like walking.
  • Muscle fatigue and cramping is significantly reduced.
  • Small, snappy, effective blade is perfect size, shape and configuration for turbulent free, lessening sound signature, while fast movement of water.
  • Force Fin blade is optimized for maximum surface area contact with the water, matching propulsion of fins twice its size.
  • Up-curved wing tips combined with high performance polyurethane material for highest rebound, or SNAP, results in lower surface air consumption rate (SAC), or better efficiency and directional control of water for optimum thrust.

Force Fins move more water, generating more thrust on the recovery than one can generate from kicking any other fin up and down.

  • Force Fin is easier to negotiate in cramped interior spaces, such as helo, small boat, SDV or during submerged craft penetrations.
  • Upcurved-fin tips are easier to walk on docks, for rocky shore entries and on shipboard. This unique design feature also provides for less impact force flet on the diver’s ankles when deploying from helicopters and large ship gunwales.

Bungie Heel Strap option was developed and is specified to absorb impact shock of altitude entries.

All Force Fin products are Berry Amendment Compliant. Manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A. for over 35 years.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17.875 × 11 × 3 in

ML, L, XL, XXL, 3-XL

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