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Naturally, Most Efficient Fin

Feel as free as the marine life that inspire our Force Fin designs. Ergonomic. Hydro-dynamic. Force Fin has the best fin for scuba diving, snorkeling, for all your water sports and in water needs.

Forcefins for swimming

Kick Strong, Swim Fast

Increase fitness levels and cardiovascular condition. Stretch for better flexibility. Improve body position and swim technique. Develop leg strength for a strong kick and Swim Fast! All without cramping.

fins for float tube fishing, tubing

Kick all day, dance all night!

Force Fins are comfortable. Toes are free to wiggle about. Snap of curved blade accelerates and channels water to propel you. No bobbing up and down as you work against a flat blade.

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Force Fin – the History, the Experience

About Force Fin

About Force Fin

We’ve been manufacturing fins for over 35 years, and with millions of satisfied customers, we can honestly say that we’re the experts in fin design. That’s all we do, and we think our innovative fins are without equal in terms of comfort, efficiency, durability, performance, versatility, and sheer value for your money.

All our fins take advantage of the laws of nature and physics – and common sense. Force Fins are extremely efficient because we understand the hydrodynamic advantages of flapping foils, thrust-producing vortex, lift forces, and material rebound, and we include these state-of-the-art concepts into every fin we design.

Our Force Fin has been tested in Boeing’s wind tunnel and shown to have wingtips that form a perfect hydrofoil, offering turbulent free water flow. Our work was an inspiration to the designers of the fastest and most revolutionary keels. We’ve since been asked to apply our fin technology to increase the speed and efficiency of oceangoing ships!

Each fin is individually handcrafted in the USA and manufactured from exclusive versions of polyurethane that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, abrasion, and chemicals. The high-quality materials we use give our fins their snappy blade action and extreme durability. Force Fins will last for years, even when worn daily.

“His [Bob Evan’s] inspiration was the ocean and its natural inhabitants. His research also revolved extensively around that of a diver’s foot and the movements of the human leg. As art, he has hanging an interesting chart in his house that shows the human leg in several horizontal kicking positions. His notebooks are profuse with photos and drawings of different configurations of fins. Some look like the fins of a squid. Others like tuna and then some like porpoise. He studied the fins of the fastest fish and tried numerous designs and configurations to get just the right shape.” –Harry J. Wirth for “The Art of Design: An Exhibition of American Design” The American Design Network, 1993

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