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The Truth About Dive Fins

Are you confused by all the theories, claims and opinions about dive fins? If not, maybe you should be. Kicking is your primary physical activity when diving. The efficiency of your fins and your comfort in the water affects your bottom time more than almost anything else. Dive fins are one of your most important pieces of equipment. Over the years, a lot of myths and misinformation have built up about them.

We’ve been designing and making improvements to fins for over 25 years. With millions of satisfied customers, and many major product design awards under our belts, we can honestly say that we are the experts in fin design. That’s all we do, and we think our innovative fins are without equal in terms of comfort, efficiency, durability, performance, versatility and sheer value for your money.

We pioneered fin colors, extended heel sections, leading edges, water channeling and accelerating through a split-V shape, fin adjustability, flexibility, and the use of snappy and high performance materials, such as polyurethane. Just about every change and development in the way divers think about moving through water today came from Bob Evans and his Force Fins.

Pain & Suffering A Thing of the Past

Are “POWERFUL” Fins Really Better?





Why Force Fins Are Made in the USA

If you’re used to traveling, packing, and lugging around two huge fins, get ready for a surprise when you take along Force Fins. They weigh less than 2 pounds each, are easier to handle, take up less room, fit in carry on luggage, are easy to get on and off, and you can even walk forward in them!

How well you move through the water is based on many factors including your kicking style and individual characteristics like leg strength and ankle flexibility in addition to your choice of fins. In the underwater world, you need all the help you can get, and we know that you want fins that are comfortable, efficient, durable and reasonably priced. That’s why we invented Force Fins.

Among those divers in the know, Force Fins are a closely held secret. Dedicated Force Fin users are a special group of divers who were willing to try a revolutionary diving product that delivers on its promises. They will never go back to other dive fins again. Would you like to join this elite group? We could go on forever describing the unique benefits of using Force Fins, but there’s only one way to really find out why our fins are the best diving fins in the world: try a pair. You’ll be happy you have.

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  1. francesca leonardi

    Io ho le force fin da tanti anni, mi trovo benissimo.

    Mi piacerebbe provare ad indossarne un altro paio, ma il negozio dove le avevo acquistato ha chiuso.

    Non capisco in quale città italiana c’è un negozio dove le posso provare

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