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Force Fin has given Susanne and I the opportunity to dive in many beautiful places and to meet extraordinary water people – like you. Here we will publish our stories, and yours. As we progress each image will link through to more photographs, videos and stories, and our images and adventures will be replaced with yours. 

Your submission can be as simple as photograph “where seen,” or a gallery of images, video, story, or stories. If you have any problems with submission, questions, or comments, please contact me, subject line: Submissions. To contact me directly use my name as one word at 

Thank you and welcome, 

Bob Evans

Bob Evans, President Master Fin Designer, Artist, Visionary, Photographer

6 thoughts on “COMMUNITY”

  1. John Sullivan

    Love my Force Fin and credit them for saving my dive career, due to ankle and foot injury was not able to wear regulars Foot pocket fins with out Pain, Once found Force Fin was Pain free.

  2. Bernardo Seuc

    Force Fins are The Best Swim Fins in the World!
    I’ve been using them for about thirty years!
    It allowed me to swim almost like a fish.
    And it’s saved my back, because swimming is the best exercise.

  3. I am a PADI Master Diver. I have been diving for over twenty years in the California area. I was introduced to Force Fins when I was getting certified twenty years ago and have been wearing them ever since. I cannot say enough good things about these fins. They are comfortable, durable, fast and easily put on. I still have my original pair of Force Fins and they still perform. I don’t think many divers or dive shops are familiar with the Force Fins and their amazing features. While there are many fins in the scuba world, Force Fins exceed the competition in my opinion. I get asked every year what fins I wear and why. When they see the comfort, performance and durability then they know why. Thank you for a great product and 20+ years of comfortable diving.

  4. Hello! I have the Force Fins and love using them, especially on travel! I have not been able to find the optimal booties/socks. What do you suggest? I wear size small and there is no room to wear a boot and my socks are too thin. Sometimes the straps fall down. Thank you!

    1. Ms. Force Fin

      Cindy – Am afraid that you need a larger size to fit a bootie into the foot pocket.

      Are your Force Fins outfitted with nylon straps or bungie?

      As you kick Force Fin pushes forward, forcing your foot further into the foot pocket. The nylon heel strap does not compress for this change, and a tug on the strap end a few minutes after to start kicking tightens it for the rest of your time in the water.

      Bungie Heel straps will tighten up on their won, but If they are too long to start with, there is a video that shows you how to shorten:

      Thank you – susanne the team

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