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Underwater Hockey Force Fin

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in


Strap Style

Bungie, Nylon

1 review for Underwater Hockey Force Fin

  1. David Poznic Photography

    I’ve been using Force Fin Pros for surf photography for a few years now and absolutely LOVE them. But this week I got a pair of Bob’s underwater hockey fins, got out for my first session with them, and it was a total gamechanger!

    I have to admit that for the first few minutes, I thought perhaps they actually weren’t the right fins for the job, as I started kicking the way I do with my Force Fin Pros, and didn’t feel like I was moving that fast. Shucks, thought I…

    But then I bigger wave came and rather than the normal relaxed kick I use to swim around posiIoning myself for the shot, I kicked hard and fast to get as deep as possible as fast as possible. And that was when I felt the magic… I suddenly found myself twice as deep as expected, and could barely feel the wave above me!

    So I started changing up my technique (just like I did when I got my Pros) to find the best kicking style. And what I found is that all I had to do was kick harder on the extension, and suddenly I was flying! AOer gePng dragged in a bit by a set, instead of my normal kicking back out on my back, I found that I could go into a sidestroke that allows me to see the waves coming and also swim really, really fast! I even intenIonally put myself in the Dead Zone of my local spot (Steamer Lane, in Santa Cruz, CA), where the current normally instantly drags me in against my will no maUer how hard I try to swim against it.

    But with the hockey fins, it was no problem! I found myself able to swim right against the current, and as long as I kept kicking hard, I kept moving at speeds I didn’t think possible!

    So that’s it, I’m a convert. Bob told me these hockey fins “kick like a donkey,” and he wasn’t kidding. I found, in fact, that the only missing link in the chain was my own legs! Not that they didn’t work – simply that I could feel so clearly that the fins were just begging me to kick harder to reach their full potenIal. So I’ll be back to heavier leg training to build the strength to be able to fully appreciate these incredible fins by the Ime the big waves come back next Winter.

    Thanks again Bob, as always, for creaIng the tools that allow me to safely do what I love most in the world. I’m forever grateful and already can’t wait to get out for my next session!

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