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At the start of every trade show we attended, an engineer or more would show up at our booth to interrogate me on design, process, and validation. I am no match for educated masters, especially when their goal was to show me how smart they are.  My approach is through visualization; I am and think …

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a man wearing sunglasses and a hat

Dick Anderson Effect

Dick Anderson was instrumental in the development of Force Fin. Exactly how that happened is a story in itself. No one could ever yarn a story with as much verve as Dick Anderson could, except maybe Mark Twain or Will Rogers, but I will give it a try. 1969 was a particularly tumultuous year. I …

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Aqua Corps Cover

Aqua Corps Cover Story

What a story by Chris Kostman.. Susanne and I had just received a US Navy Swim Fin test under the Freedom of Information act.  As you will learn reading this story so much more. Last issue of Aqua Corps. A spell binding story

Bob Kirby, Bob Evans

Bob Kirby Scallops Away

When Skip Dunham asked if I could make a Force Fin with more surface area, for him to power against when underwater hunting, I jumped at the opportunity to be of service. Skip was running Kirby-Morgan systems at the time and was one of my most special fans of the Original Force Fin. Here at …

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Mr. Giggles Opens Book

I am standing in a three-piece suit in the Force Fin products booth at Ken Loyst’s San Diego SCUBA Show, around 1993.  Someone in a big black raincoat was next to me, giggling under his breath.  He says, “I was told there was a reason for me to be here.” He moves a little too …

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fish alaska

Force Fins Editor’s Pick as Best Accessory in Fish Alaska Magazine

Best Watercraft & Accessories for Alaska 2018 Each year Fish Alaska’s Editors seek to test some of the best new plus tried-and-true watercraft and accessories for Alaska fishing. From pulling your anchor more efficiently to more conservation-minded fishing nets, check out these recommended watercraft and accessories for Alaska fishing to make your time on the water…better. Innovation and …

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