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Pro Model Force Fins are ranked among the most efficient fins in testing by the U.S. Department of Naval Research. Pro Model Force Fins are preferred by Special Forces and divers around the globe.  Toe’s free foot pocket that reduces cramping by powering fin kick from your strongest kicking muscles in the upper thigh, while your foot and toes are free to move about and wiggle in the water….

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Pro Model Force Fins are ranked among the most efficient fins in testing by the U.S. Department of Naval Research* and preferred by Special Forces and divers around the world.

Features include Force Fin’s

  • Toes are free foot pocket that
    • Eliminates the #1 cause of cramping from fins
    • Powers from the strongest kicking muscles in your upper thigh and buttocks
  • Small, effective blade is the perfect size for turbulent free and fast movement of water
  • Easy to maneuver
    • Independently moving wing tips to fine tune position with small foot and leg movements

* The U.S. Navy does not endorse any products.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17.875 × 11.875 × 3 in

Indigo Blue, Jet Black, Neon Yellow


M, ML, L, XL, XXL, 3-XL

Strap Style

Bungie, Nylon

6 reviews for PRO FORCE FIN

  1. memeechan (verified owner)

    When I first started out, my instructor recommended Force Fins to help with my kicking. As I continued on in scuba, I eventually became more proficient as I became an Advanced Diver and finally a certified PADI Divemaster. The only change I made was to shift from Original to Pro after my first set broke (I guess my kicking improved). After over twenty years, I am just now buying my third set of Force Fins. I still love them. Hope you stay in business for another twenty years in case I need to update again.

  2. Bruce Weitzenhoffer

    The. Only. Fin. Worth. Wearing.
    I’ve done more than 12,000 dives as an instructor. My first pair of Force Fins wore out after merely 7,000, yes 7,000 dives. My second pair has gone past the 5,000 dive mark. Once I started with Force Fins, I’ve never been diving with anything else, nor will I.

    When I travel, the only scuba gear in my carry-on: my computer and my fins – I can deal with any other gear were mine to be lost, but I won’t dive without my Force Fins.

  3. Andjelko Novosel

    I use them for 20 years in cave and scientific diving. The best fins!

  4. T R King

    I have used my Slim Fins for swimming/exercise and snorkeling in the Caribbean for many years now. I have been very happy with them and find them to be enough fin for all the locations we have been to in the Caribbean. We are on Molokai for 2 months and they have been ok for shore based activities and then we got on a Dive Boat and headed out on a day where the Tradewinds shot up to around 30mph. The seas were wind blown and around 2 feet. Lots of drifting and hard work to get back to the boat. So, I still find this fin to be excellent in the pool and calm waters, but understand that it is time to add a ProForce Fin to my duffel for rough water use and keep the SlimFin for less intense environments. Thank you ForceFin for a product that helps educate as you use!

  5. John Dierberger

    After 20+ years with Original FF, I moved up to Pros (for drysuit) and Excellerators (for semi-dry) last year. You can’t beat either for speed, control, comfort and never a cramp. Love the in water snap of the Pros and the ability to climb up on boat and pier ladders with them on. Can see why #1 with military. Easy travel packing. Just ordered my Slim Fins for pool and snorkeling.

  6. Chris Blake

    I’ve been diving for more than 40 years and have logged more than 10,000 dives in that time. I first started diving the Force fin in the early 1990’s while in the US Navy Special Warfare SEAL teams. The pair I was issued then are the very same fins I use to this day. During my time in the Navy I have used them not just for diving the MK 15, MK 16 semi-rebreathers, open circuit air, heliox, trimix, and the Draeger LAR 5 (MK 25) but for helocast operations, Over the Horizon (OTH) transits, Over the Beach (OTB) insertions, HALO water jumps, Static-line water jumps, and Hard and Soft duck deployments. My fins have been on me in the fjords of Iceland and Norway, underneath the ice of Estonian submarine harbors conducting mine sweeping operations in February, completing more than 150 kilometers of surface transit swimming in the North Sea preparing for missions as well as all the fun diving I’ve done with my wife over the last 30 plus years. I’ve only owned the one pair of fins all this time and the only work I’ve done to them was to replace the nylon heel straps with the bungie straps about 2 years ago and added the comfort inserts. The footwear I’ve used ranged from dry suit boots, military jungle boots, neoprene booties, Chuck Taylor sneakers, and probably a bunch of other footwear I’ve long since forgotten. I am not someone who usually recommends equipment but I cannot say enough positive things about these fins. I guarantee that these will be the last pair of fins you’ll ever need to buy because they are that good.

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