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Bungie Heel Strap Replacement Kit


Bungie Heel Strap Kit includes:

  • Marine quality bungie cord, cut and sealed – 2 + 2 extra
  • A pair of Ethafoam heel pads to cushion and distribute cord tension around your heels
  • 4 x Delraine strap mounts pre-laced through the bungie cord
  • 4 x Stainless steel screws and brass bushings
  • L-hex
  • Sealant to bind the screws to the bushing, so they do not come loose when you kick

Force Fin Bungie Heel Straps are the easiest to use. Bungie elasticity adjusts strap tension around the heel. With a quick pull of the tab Force Fin is secured or strap pulled down for Force Fin removal. No need for fragile quick release clips. Bungie can fit around dry suit boots or wading shoes. Marine grade bungie for maximum durability. Tested in coldest of water for easy on and off with cold water dive gloves. Great to wear in surf entries and exits.

How to adjust the length of your Bungie Heel Strap


How to change out your Force Fin Heel Straps


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in
Force Fin Model

Extra or Excellerating Force Fins, Force Fin Original, Pro, Tan Delta, Float Tube Force Fin, Slim Fin, Adjustable Force Fin, or Rip Force Fin


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