Collectible – Original Prototype Whisker – Sold Individually w/Signed Copy of Drawing


Brand new, unused, shaped by hand – first prototype – no geared surfaces – so will spin if used on fin. That spin is what led to creation of final whiskers and other water tracking devices with geared surfaces on fin and device. Signed by Master Fin Designer Bob Evans. Copy of design drawings with original signature included.

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First prototype sold individually. Hand-shaped by Master Force Fin designer Bob Evans, placed four on a pair of Rip Force Fins. Their spin out to the side when kicked led to the epiphany that created the Water Tracking Devices, including Whiskers on the Extra Line of Force Fin. Extra Line of Force Fins includes Extra Force Fin, Excellerating Force Fin, Adjustable Force Fin, Rip Force Fin and Multi-Force Fins. Whiskers and other water tracking devices are not at this time in production. In clearing some boxes from storage, we found a box of these original prototypes.

Sold as each, as a collectible. Not recommended for use on fin or for kicking. These prototypes are without geared surfaces as was added to final product sold. The prototypes will spin to the side when kicked against, then pull in, responding to water flow. The final product controls the water flow.

Bob Evans is the creator of the Force Fin. His Tan Delta Force Fin is part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Along with his Extra Force Fin and Foil Force Fin part of the collections of the Costume Institute of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 2002 he was honored with a Time Magazine Innovation of the Year Award (sporting goods) for his OPS Force Fin made for Jean Michel Cousteau and his Oceans Future Dive Team. And a lot more.
Purchasers name will be engraved on the prototype, along with Bob Evans’ signature, and signed copy of design drawings.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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