Collectible – Water Force made 11-3-95


You can own the first Excellerating Force fin mold and a Tan Delta Blue Excellerating blade. Named Water Force at first. This is likely the first mold made for the product.  This wonderful fin was made for Captian Billy Deans, who was a leader in the Tek Diving World, Key West Divers.

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In 1994, I got a request from Force Fin Diver Captain Billy Deans.  He loved the Pro Force Fin, but need more thrust and liked to frog kick with his Tek Diving Equipment.  When I saw the amount of bottles he wore for some very deep dives I quickly understood.  After some time I came up with the Excellerating Force Fin.   Tek Divers World wide loved the performance and leaders like Deans and Kevin Gurr and others helped push us into this new adventurous diving group.  This special mold along with a single Tan Delta Blue blade might look nice on your office wall.  Own a piece of American Force Fin History.

Molds are generally cut out of a big block of steel. At the time we started Force Fin, each mold had around a $40,000 price tag. In today’s dollars that is the equivalent of around $120,000. Bob Evans hand shaped master tooling, with blades propotional to foot for sizes xs, small, medium, medium large, large, extra large, 2-X Large. Over the years we made more than 30 models of Force Fins.

Never one to cower at a challenge, Bob Evans decided to find a solution. He applied techniques he learned from his artist/sculpter father and growing up as a member of Hermosa Beach California surfing community to develop fiberglass epoxy (later filled with aluminum) tooling and molds.  Jimmy Gray taught me how to ram up Fiberglass tooling. Each mold came in with a cost of around $3,000, and Force Fin was up and running – successfully!

Over the year, Bob Evans and his crew made 100’s of molds, that together produced millions of Force Fins.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 7 in


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