The Foot Tells All

tan delta force fin

Are you having a terrestrial experience in water or are you free?

“The human foot is our most distinctive adaptation. Twenty-six bones, moving against each other over complex – sometimes multi-bone – joint surfaces held in a three-dimensional latticework of ligaments and tendons, cushioned below by fibrous and fatty pads and thick skin. Together, these features ultimately keep us upright and drive our walking and running by applying dynamic supportive, braking, and propulsive forces across the skin-ground interface.” (“Stepping Out” by Robin Huw Corompton and Todd C. Pataky, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Liverpool, Science Magazine, page 1174, 27 February 2009, Vol 3230).

The resistance you feel from that skin-ground interface tells your brain, “I’m grounded.”

Walking on land is a 2-dimensional experience. That is why terra creatures like flat fins extending off their foot. Pushing against a flat blade or two, and most split fins are nothing more than double paddles, reinforces the terrestris experience.

Can you imagine freeing yourself from this gravitational attraction? An aquatic being uses 360 degrees of water surrounding its entire body to move. Force Fins act as extensions of your body. Terrestris fins are extensions of your foot.

All other fins are for terra creatures. No matter their shape, color or marketing line, kicking against terra fins that heavily hang off your foot, especially those that work optimally when “frog kicking” are forcing you to apply those terrestris cues to trudge through the water. A fin that extends from your foot is shackling your in-water experience to your caveman roots. Force Fins free you to be the aquatic experience.

The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone, then shin bone’s connected to the thigh bone……. All models of Force Fin have open foot pockets that fit over the bony mass of your instep, your toes are free to really breathe, move and wiggle about like they’re meant to do. Your foot is free to flex and point with each kick, releasing the calf contraction that is the cause of cramping from other fins. Instead of a skin-resistance interface, Force Fins give you a power interface running straight from your upper leg and body. Kicking Force Fins you are free in the aquatic environment.

If your in-water journey is to be by foot, then your terra fin selection is vast. If you choose to be free as an aquatic being, then there is only one choice, one fin that frees you from your feet – Force Fin.

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