Foot Castings for Force Fin Foot Pockets

Comfortably fit a wide range of shoe sizes 

Free toes to wiggle about

No more cramping from fins

Powers from most efficient kicking muscles in your upper thigh 

No stress on knees

I must thank Dr. Hyman, who taught me how to do foot casting. Dr. Hyman was a prosthetician. He made shoes for patients with special needs. It took a day with him at his office to get the process down.  

What motivated me to learn this specialized skill? 

I initially thought I could attach a fin blade to any fin foot pocket. I filled my Jet Fin foot pocket with plaster Paris. Once hardened, I pulled a wedge resembling something to split wood. It certainly was not designed to fit around the foot. The Jet Fin wedge is one reason fins have a reputation for causing cramps.  

Not only did I need to think about propulsion and the Force Fin blade to design the best fin. I also needed to create the best fin foot pocket. I embarked on an adventure to understand the shape and dimensions to fit a wide range of feet and bootie configurations comfortably. 

Armed with Dr. Hyman’s teaching, I enlisted the feet of many men, women, and children. One of my favorite foot castings is of a Fijian whose foot length measured 14″. Our XXXL Foot Pocket was for the Commander of Seal Team Five. He found it challenging to find fins to fit over his shoe size 15 dry suit boot. I understand Force Fins are the only fins stylists could find to fit Shaquille Oneill’s size 24 shoe for a promotional swim competition with Michael Phelps. 

I had the most fun tickling as I rubbed K-Y Jelly around my victims’ feet. I used this as a mold release to prevent the plaster Paris from sticking to their skin.  

Brian Chang sat for a casting that was part of the collection of feet that went into making the foot pocket for Extra Force Fin – Brian’s favorite dive fin. Jean Michel Cousteau sitting for OPS foot pocket, made exclusively for his Oceans Future Dive Team. He was on the phone, being interviewed, while I tickled his feet. Bodyglove’s Jenna Meistrell’s childhood foot.

Foot Castings For Size

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