Bob Evans with Tom Raftican on SBTV

Force Fin Founder Bob Evans talks with Tom Raftican on “Reel World Conservation” SBTV about his inspiration, (2:00), blending photography and art with SCUBA (5:30), history of Force Fin (7:00), the Pentagon and selling to the Russians (10:30), the Yukon shipwreck as artificial reef (12:30), SCUBA diving, marine life and alternative uses of the offshore oil platforms of the Santa Barbara Channel (15:30). Night diving and Great White Sharks (24:30), Blue Sharks feeding (25:50), Mussels, Scallops, diving for Lobster, and making Force Fins in the USA (26:45).

Impetus of the interview was “Marine Megatropolis (1974-1981), Photographs by Bob Evans,” which exhibited at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, November 2017-May 2019, and at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum (May 2019 – August 2019).

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