Mr. Giggles Opens Book

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I am standing in a three-piece suit in the Force Fin products booth at Ken Loyst’s San Diego SCUBA Show, around 1993.  Someone in a big black raincoat was next to me, giggling under his breath.  He says, “I was told there was a reason for me to be here.” He moves a little too close for comfort and pulls something out from inside his jacket……. It’s a book. He opens to a page with curved shaped drawings, just like the whiskers, the winglets I had been developing for Force Fins.

I turned to answer a question for a passing customer. During this distraction, this strange, giggling man disappeared. I looked up and down nearby aisles. He was tall and in that big black out-of-season raincoat was not easily hidden. He was gone. He simply disappeared into thin air.

I was bummed, I wanted to learn more, too see what more was in that book. I didn’t even catch a glimpse of its cover, its name or author.

The next day, Mr. Giggles shows up again. If I had hand cuffs, he would be chained to the Force Fin booth. He hands me a piece of paper. On it was scrawled the name of the book, “Living Water” and a phone number. He instructed me to call it. It was for the “Controversial Book Store,” on the UCSD campus. I made the call. They had one copy left and it had been reserved for me. I bought it, had it red label delivered to my home.

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I gave Mr. Giggles a $400.00 Tan Delta Force Fin for his efforts.

That was my introduction to the work of Viktor Schauberger.  I found his work on a flying disc, interest, but his views on water flow dovetailed with my research.  The winglet designs we have developed go far beyond Force Fins.  Aerohance is now leading in fluid flow and will help many individuals and fleets save money and reduce lots of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

You can watch a good film on Victor Schauberger’s life and work on youtube. Until then, here are some of his wise words that have always hit a cord with me: “They call me deranged.  The hope is that they are right.  It is of no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth.  But if I am right and science is wrong-then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind.” – Victor Schauberger.

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