The Truth About Dive Fins

Are you confused by all the theories, claims and opinions about dive fins? If not, maybe you should be. Kicking is your primary physical activity when diving. The efficiency of your fins and your comfort in the water affects your bottom time more than almost anything else. Dive fins are one of your most important …

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It’s the SNAP

It’s the SNAP, in response to your kick that moves more water behind, faster, than you can kicking any other fin.

The Truth About Swim Fins

WHY SWIM WITH FINS? Increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning Although swimming is considered one of the best aerobic or cardiovascular-conditioning exercises, many people forget to use their legs where the largest muscles are located. Since the greatest cardiovascular benefits come from including the highest percentage of the body’s muscles – that’s why cross-country skiing and …

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Why Swim With Slim Fins?

Improve Body Position and Swimming Technique Fins add extra propulsion to the stroke, which increases a swimmer’s speed through the water. Good swimmers tend to plane on top of the water while poor swimmers tend to drag their legs and swim in a more vertical position slowing them down. One of the goals of swimming …

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Why Swim Fins? Strong Kick

Develop Leg Strength Kicking with fins is like lifting weights: the added resistance of the water on the blade of the fin increases the workload on your leg muscles. Your body adapts by increasing the strength and endurance of the muscles involved. Stronger muscles move more water making you swim faster, all other things being …

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Why Swim Fins? Ankle Flexibility

Have you ever noticed that runners, cyclists or triathletes new to swimming who start a serious swim program have a hard time just kicking and going anywhere? In fact, they sometimes go backward! One reason is that their ankles are so inflexible that when they kick, their feet act like hooks, catching the water and …

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